What I am going to write here


It has been long due, a very long due, that I finally pen down writings and thoughts from my mind and paper to here.

There have been lots of information overload that compelled me to write here,  certainly helps to spread awareness, knowledge and to increase our intelligence. Mainstreaming our mind power into society as one.

There have been some people that crossed my path, told me to write out my voice and silence in blogs. Some certain very important people to me said that since I have lot of experiences and achievements, I must share with the world-my stories and my experiences. It may help those who are in needs of it. There is a whole world out there on Internet, and that I can make a good use of it. There is a hope that it can make a powerful statement across to anybody and helps in making impact on change in any where. That’s a power! 

Support my writings and keep reading. Irregular or Regularly from your side and my side.  


Manisha Punjabi


(This today happens to be my dearest parents’ engagement anniversary, so today is a great day to start my first post in this blog.)


Quote on being here on Earth

A quote which seems plausible and suitable for doing purposeful work in these times. So I decided to write this quote for one of my reachable and attainable purposes and goals.

It is said by an actress…oops sorry, actor (as she called herself in her saying, which I think, it is a very good one), whose I love her funny, quirky and witty acting, Whoopi Goldberg.

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”

That is what I am doing here through my blog posts and reaching out through social media. 

It will make sense to you onwards as I keep writing further posts. 




dated: 18 Nov 2017. Saturday. Afternoon. 





White text on the Black background. Good color for reading subtitle on TV/laptop screen.

Actress Gena Rowlands said this quote during her acting years. There must be a reason behind those words, but this is a good thing.

I like subtitles. I like reading them. They are in a way, covering up my sense of hearing. Subtitles and Captions make me hear their dialogues in movies and serials irrespective of films in Hindi or English language.  

So, I feel fully vindicated my request and pledge for subtitles in every Hindi and English movies and serials.

Note: Format/ font style is not correct as per the rules on for subtitles. In next post, I will update the format, font style of content for subtitles. 



Identity – old and new


Keep newfound identity while celebrate never losing old identity.

Nowadays, women who are married can keep their old surname along with new surname, thus never losing their first identity when they were born and built her life. 

It is said that women have three rebirths in one’s life.

First birth is that you enter into this world from mother’s womb. You made your education, career, name with your identity while you were blissfully single.

Second birth is when you get married and get a new name / surname. You, eventually, form a new identity again from scratch, after be momentarily confused of where to start.

Third birth is when you enter into never-ending worrying motherhood phase. That I don’t have to tell, you all know it. 

Additionally, there is one more advantage of having three names. It is to keep all your old proofs intact and unchanged without going through long and lazy procedure and formality, which is well known system in India, to change your old name to new. Don’t you agreed?! 



date: 10 Nov 2017 Friday